Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day One of 5 at Dillman's

 Mary Jo applying the gesso to the white lunch back...some may wonder why white on white but later today everyone will see why as color will be added on top of that. Mary Jo is from Minnesota
 Carol, It's her birthday today...little celebration planned. Here Carol is getting ready I think to create a piece of coffee ground paper. Carol is from Canada.
 Pam is applying the gesso to the brown paper and might add some texture with a tile grout tool..Pam is from WI.
 Cida  is there trying to pull up a piece of paper that she coated with the polymer and then lay it down in the other room. Cida is from WI.
 Jan is enjoying the gesso on the surface of the kraft paper and white lunch bag.  Jan is from Minnesota too.
 Bette...best watch out might have more White in the hair there then she wants...She's making gesture lines it looks like in her gesso on the white paper..it will show up nicely when color is added today. Bette is from WI
 Jill is also making some gesture lines in the gesso...Oh these gal love playing in the gesso..Jill is from Ark.
 Carol is writing her name on it at the bottom just in case with all the papers we are making it might be hard to tell later. Carol is from WI.
 Jill is cleaning off the sanded magazine to reveal some great stenciled affect she created on the magazine.
 This is Mary Jo's paper I had to give everyone a limit on how main paper to make or we could be going for every.. it's such fun to create your own papers for collaging.
 Working outside with Nevr Dull and stencil a different effect happens.
Now this is the other room which at this time doesn't have a workshop so we just kind of spread out and used it for our paper drying room...works great.

On to day Two !!!

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