Saturday, May 18, 2013


Well it's time to pack up the personal stuff, I'm back at my room here early and watching and listening to the rain falling.  I'll be heading home today and though it's been the most awesomest time I do miss home.  I'll post more photo's later when I have a faster connection.. out in the northern woods is great but when you needing the connection to ramble about things it takes a while.

I do want to say the woman that came to the workshop shop this year some repeat creative offenders and others new really clicked...Laughter most nights went on and on...Every had a part to play as one might say.   And the group of us now has a name..heck anyone that would like to be's called the CROW Society...stands for Creative Rowdy Outrageous Women's Society. We all liked that.

A suggestion by Carol M from Canada this year was to say one word for each person there.  She had wanted me to share it with them at our last big dinner together but I was all drained out of brain cells and stuck on the right brain...but when I slept on it and came back to them the next day at our closing ceremony I had a One Word for each of them as I handed out the Certificates. I thought about what each person brought.

Jan - Excitement
Cida - Sweet Bird
Mary Jo - Understanding
Adele - Grace
Carol C - Love ability
Barb - Strength
Mona - Wisdom
Jill - Peace
Carol M - Brightness
Pam - Knowledge
and our Bette - She brought Laughter to every table...

We really had a wonderful time together...
Packing up again and hitting the road...saying good bye to my home away from home and the Loon's morning and evening songs.


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