Friday, May 10, 2013

Been packing and adding all week...

 From the back door of the Transit..can't open the other side as I've got that spring loaded with really things are leaning up against the door so I would have an major spillage happening if I opened it. It all seems to be going well..bungee cords in place to hold it.

From the side door and there's just enough room for the personal and food stuff.  I've got to stop but I can't help myself I keep thinking of more and more to that I've got two sewing machines in there I decided to bring some blank prayer flags so as we are create and altering surfaces we can do the flags too... same material are used so we should be able to have them waving in the wind.

Now time to get dressed for the Ceremony, My son is graduating tonight...then to Patio for family celebration!!!  

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