Friday, May 03, 2013

Artwork every where

After my long time in the woods, which I'm proud to say I did a 6 mile granny running and just finding my own swing and swagger again is welcoming...not sure if anyone gets that but the solitude is one things for finding some clarity but the way my own body moves is another thing.  The repetitive movement back and forth, just allows me to find my inner soul and balance.  It's a way I so readily go "to the woods" to keep the inner balance. And while I'm there ideas flow in so fast it's hard to handle them all so I just let me be what they are, Ideas and if their important ones then they will repeat themselves stronger the next time till I do something about them...

It was good to be out there, the squirrels, woodpeckers, and robins so active, the deer without worry if their food source would run out as green is sprouting every where out there.  They lay under the Honeysuckle which are barely budding now and are so relaxed watching you as you pass by.  Well, almost till a Two legged one lets their Four legged ones run off in after them.  Then it's the White Tails High...Too funny to watch, no one is harmed just a little rearranging going on. 

I saw a Baltimore Orielo,  well first I heard it and then looked up and there it was, I presume it was a male by it's markings and brillant color.  Some other bird as large as a Cardinal but white under belly and tail, dark on top and the tip of the tail from underneath was a band of black or dark blue..still looking that one up in the bird books and on line to figure out what I saw. There was a man out there with some nice size binoculars doing some bird watching.  

After I came back from my walk I needed to write up a contract and begin the process of another violin assemblage "commission piece."  Yes, doing another one and really excited about that.  So that took a while...making sure all t's were crossed and i's dotted if you know what I mean. 

I then started the procedure of pulling out the art and trying to make the choice of what pieces will be in the show for Elmhurst's "Art in the Park"  This is when I wish someone would come and help...and say,
"This one would be good and that not that one, but all of these...etc. When you have an space of 10 x 10 and say only 5 foot tall walls to fill what do you pick? Well I started with three big pieces and from there a few medium sizes and then my favorite size framed 12 x 12's, then bin works with I'm ready to go and pray for the rain gods to keep some dry periods open for us artists to at least set up and get the tents secure.  I'll bring my art the next morning hoping the rain will not stop us from doing extra plastic drop cloth for covering the art just in case.

On with the day... I also try to stay in this weekend with out thinking of my next event/ dang excited...going back up to Dillman's to teach May 12th, Mothers Day till May 18th, a week long workshop...going to be creating to my hearts content..filling the room with papers and then collaging my fool buttom off with all the students. If they ever really knew how excited I really get. I probably would scare them all away.


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