Sunday, April 07, 2013

Room to Grow...Auction for Art class room at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery

 Cash Crunch series was created after the economy crash of sorts,  I seem to deal with it in ways  by being creative its what works for me and helps me handle the good and ugly parts of  life. I can't fix all the problems in the know being a mom and all you have those supper powers for a while in you children's eyes then something happens and they fade...So your left with the knowledge that their still might be something you could do and turn inward to your personal skills.  The Layering of paper started way back for me..I'm a good pile stacker too and love to see  in multi's or rows,  it excites me so having that in me the layers of papers just comes natural... and No I'm not a hoarder but I'm close as my family has shared.


 Here is the Second one I create in this series of three that will be auctioned off.  This is Cash Crunch II.  What I've done is  stretch as far as then can with the papers just like we do with our pennies. So I continued creating another piece from the scraps of papers left over from the first one and then I had enough to make a smaller one..Which you can see April 13th from 5:30-8pm.
There are three matted and framed piece of art work from the pile of papers I started off with. Cash Crunch 16 x 16, Cash Crunch 11 x 14 and a small one Cash Crunch III  5 x 7.  When I dropped off my work yesterday the whole gallery was lined with artwork and some really nice piece too.   

If you get a chance and are interested in updating a few walls in our home or office with real art or are seeking a gift for a loved one you might want to stop in and see what there is offered here at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery...the proceeds will be going to benefit the renovation of the classrooms at the Center.   Create the Change right in our own community.

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