Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rains and baking today..

There's rain every where and not much we can do about it but pray for the passing of it in a the most gentle way... I'll be not to do laurndry as the sewers are full and that for sure would add to the chaos going on...I'm hoping by the evening things will settle down a bit and I can set up the workshop if not I'll be doing it in the morning on Friday...I wish that the people that are coming in from out of state will be able to get here safely. 

going to go bake now...

 Front Yard
 Looking down the street, close up as you can see the firemen walking in the street to see if every one is safe.
 On the left you can see the green strip that's the berm which helps hold the water in from the cattail basin..but soon it will be one level..
Looking out the studio deck and in the back another blast is coming through...pray it's not a long one...and it will smooth out soon.


  1. Stay dry and warm Laura.

  2. Yikes! Hope you are OK, and that this soon passes.

  3. Oh we are dry here in the homestead but not so for the people at the one end of the street... sad but everyone is alive and well..things can be replaced. And yes the rains have passed to some chilly cool weather..glad I made some chicken soup it will feel good today for lunch.


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