Thursday, April 04, 2013

One of those days

6 x 6 exercise
collage papers and acrylics  with some Pitt pens, had to spray those afterwards with a fixative.

I had one of those days you see where the body was readjusting again and the nice bit of a hormonal neck and shoulder ache with hot flashes.. So following my intuition I stayed home for the day and if I did work a 9-5 job it might have been a sick day...all is well now. So I had my breakfast and made up some green tea and put it on ice and headed up stairs to the studio.  I have my big piece up there on the table to work on but for the life of me I could touch it.. the piece is a very experimental piece as of not done this kind of stuff before so I'm a bit more cautious...and with feeling a a Lot disconnected I felt it was better to pour myself in to some other stuff.  so I've been taking a class on line no for a few week with Jane Davies, I'm sure some of you have heard of her before. Wonderful artist, and the best at doing online classes. I've been so busy that I've not really been doing the assignments up to par...I go and do them backwards as I read though the stuff and then jump right in to the end piece or project...Not yesterday I just knew I would be up in the studio so gave myself permission to do that...Started to hear words in the head about must be nice to do what you want all day...Yahda..yahda ...yahda...but the people that say that stuff don't also go through the change or Menopause so if this helps I'm doing it.. Lock me up anytime in my studio..let me put my apron on and I'm at peace well almost till the balance slips back in..

So now I'm all better now and have to head out and do some much need market shopping and other do's and don'ts..hahaha  going to the container store...another cool place to visit..Love to find neat storage.

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  1. love the collage, and I agree Jane is a wonderful teacher and artist


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