Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Morning Pages....

I wrote in the morning yesterday all the way to the last page and on the to the very end...Panic was setting in and my obsessiveness.  Some how during the day I needed to fold pages and create a covers and stitch a new journal  together. Oh I don't have to I could go out and by one but over a year ago I could straight about this and though with all the paper I have laying around I should be able to create my own journals.  Moving in to the second year of this you can understand or kind of my OCD about this so using the end boards from my watercolor pad of paper I cut two a 6 x 9 piece. coat them both with polymer and let them dry.  I had some old book pages ready to go and this printed tracing paper I made over two years ago that I pulled from the paper rack.  I saw that it was a bit transparent, I could tack the book page down under the paper and you can see through.  So my signature are folded, I have 10 sheets of paper folded in half, and 12 sets or signature as they call them in the book art world.  My book thread stretched out long enough to do one journal and I went to town on it before I had to leave for my Art tribe meeting..

Nothing like staring a new journal on a rainy April morning.. Life is good.

Three more left on Etsy

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