Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last bit of fun time for bed

I'm kind of glad I spent the whole print page for the packets and then found out I needed a new description on how to do the final application of collage. Which lead me to this taking the risk and give this all a try..sounds like I climbed a mountain or something... lots more to learn as I hope to master thing with this all.  Of course the angle will have to be changed for better viewing... Well thanks for taking peek at this.


  1. Great series of videos! I know you have mentioned it before but I can't recall - what kind/ where do you find the wide white tape that doesn't harm the paper? Thanks.

  2. Here you go Honey..or you can by it from www. Jonathan has it also..but best get it right from the place. I order mine for my workshop from Texas somewhere...get a big box of it. but I see the small width which might be nice on the site below.

  3. Well done seem to have taken to video like a duck to water. I use painters tape from the hardware store. It is used by house painters and pulls off quite easily.

  4. Hi Jo..
    Thanks instead of being class...with Jane..I'm playing hooky..but I do have lots myself to prepare for as of two big workshops..doing it in person instead of behind the screen calls for more of mine time...any ways yes we also use the blue painters Tape when we can't find the white or we have a nice soft pale mint green taper by Painters Mate that works nice too. But I'm glad to see that the Uline company houses it and even mention that it's for art projects of sorts..


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