Saturday, April 13, 2013

Had some funny today...

Well I did it set up the camera on a tri pod and had a fun time with it...Of course there's word spelled wrong and the my little caption are popping up in the wrong place and there's now sound and what's with the big upper arm flapping there...I don't know I'm just tickled that I did this...I had wanted to give it a try but never could pick a good day for it so as I'm printing page for the workshop packets I make and actually photographing this piece in process for the packet I hooked it all up.. Bacis in video's is not it but I'm learning and did it afraid now I've got some good experience and ready to work on the other ones. As we say in our house...I'm back in School today" been at the computer and up and down the stairs and printing, printing, printing.. All is good. 
Ok fixed some glitches...and added some music.


  1. I tried to watch but it says private Laura!

  2. Ok I forgot to change that setting..I sure do feel like Sandra Bullock in Ms Congeniality..heck did I spell that right.


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