Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 2 Contemporary Collage-Naperville Art League

Gail is adding color to her lunch bag papers that also has gesso on the surface, we did this yesterday and gave the day to dry good and then now color is added.

 Stained tissue papers is a technique I learned some time ago for Carrie Burns Brown's DVD  She's got some great ideas to make and alter papers for mixed media and collage art work. The second piece is Gail's multi colored Brown lunch bag with gesso texture paper.

 Rhonda is getting ready to add some extra personal touches to her papers by filling ins some of the squares with a different color.
 Nancy is glazing of a Nevr Dull Nat. Geo. magazine page to alter the color of the magazine a little be more to her liking.
 Melissa is a happy camper today...she missed yesterday's workshop(job interview) but has taken my classes so she brought in some of her papers and when right in to the same process were all were doing. She's happy because she got the JOB...Congrats.
 Oh some great papers...
 And here is more paper... could there or should there every be enough collage papers...NO!! that's what I say.
 Again a close up for the some of the papers.  One in the center it is the gesso/brown lunch bag and acrylic glazing. And then the Nevr Dull with stencils on the Nat. Geo, but there's a twist with some of them they have been stamped with polymer first then let dry and when you use the nevr dull on them it creates a resist.
 Check out the Table riser for the not the paper the PVC piping that is use to make the table taller so you don't have to bend over while you stand and work..
With creating all these papers it hard to sit but some do, most of us like to stand  and no I'm not behind these gals with a whip making them do's just more comfortable to move around and really get your whole body and soul into having the table up higher sure beats a bad ache later.  Though I've been working the stomach muscles and holding them is to keep the back tight and that seems to help.. but if you ever go to a class or workshop think about making yourself some and packing them in your supply bags.  Great idea. I know Dillman's has them for there tables but they put bolts though them so you can adjust the height. 


  1. What a great idea - the PVC piping legs! Papers look great and fun!

  2. thanks April... the gals had a blast.


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