Monday, April 29, 2013

Back Home...

The Weekend felt like a really long time..and it was only Saturday and Sunday, but when you spend it traveling and being next to water and the north woods, time has a way with you and thankful for the feeling it gives.
Well, it's this little drive down a road...and then you come to the end and out you go, walking with your bucket.  Here you see me looking back at the path that I have to take up the hill to get to the Transit with a bucket full of rocks.. I was able to get some larger one to go with the smaller ones I have already.

When You look down this is what you see...tons of I really mean it Tons of the rolled smooth stones or rock...but this call this beach "Pebble beach"  My oldest sat down to take it all in and before she knew it she was up on her little black spiders where out crawling around...just didn't feel right sitting there. Perfect home for them and food source.

This Meditation stacking  is a bit off balance and I think that it's to be that way as a representation of what's happening in the inner side...a bit off balance always strive to keep that balance.

This is my Oldest Daughters Stevie's Stacking, I love to take a picture so you can see all that is around at the stacking level so to say. Gives a better perspective.

This was my first round of Meditative stacking... Hmmm seems I've got a load there don't it. Question with out really thinking about it, but now thinking about it and where my thoughts where I can almost read what was happening and my inner balance and restoring it.

Make sense...I not sure but does it matter to others or is it OK just for me to get?  all I know is this is what the trip up north besides dropping and picking up my art work was about along with spending some time with my adult daughter.  So much gratitude for our time together. We even stopped in to the Whole foods and had lunch there...was great~  Now on to a new week and getting ready for Elmhurst, "Art in the Park" this weekend..May 4th and May 5th...Oh first one of the season...much to do and gear up for as Rain is predicted...

My Sunday morning Stacking meditation... I can't help but feel the spirit when I see this and know that I was in a place in my heart while I was co creating a moment of spiritual space.  Knowing full well that the stacking rock will not stay in this space like this for ever. 



  1. I especially love that last photo ... Lovely. You know, you could make a series of "stone-stacking" collages based on that and other photo compositions of stacked stones ... Just a thought! (Yeah, like you have nothing ELSE to do!)

  2. Oh Carol...that's been on the list for awhile I've got two piece with images of my inukshuks in them. and would love to do more...but I have two other to finish in this one series and then I want to do something with painted ponies for some reason...haven't figure that one out..but I'm sure it will come to me.

  3. They're so beautiful, Laura. So restful...and a beautiful place to be.


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