Sunday, March 17, 2013

What works...then work it...keeping it simple

Being all reflective again....all our lives as parents we give, giving in what is needed at the time and giving in guidance and knowledge. All that giving then becomes out of balance if we don't watch out. Especially with our grown adult children''s looked upon is as a nuisance and an annoyance and will you get out of here and let me live my life kind of attitude.  Now the husband and I have been pretty luck with our relationship with our adult children.  But there are times when I can see this attitude flaring up...

I remember an elder sharing with me "honey, Life is about letting go" and I think I've even wrote about this some where and at a different time on the blog. But this morning in my morning journal writing the thought about all  time put into parenting,  you give and give. Now I don't mean to sound resentful about the giving, that's not the point here at all. What is the point is that there comes a time when you see and sense the letting go.  And it's painful to do but I've also heard that when we accept the letting go that life is as it is, then we can be open to experience the joy and rejoice in the independence of the individual and how they are dealing with life.  Hard to watch sometimes but you know it in your heart of hearts it's not yours anymore to give to, it's their life now to give to.

I write about this because I have twenty something's still living in the homestead (4 of them) and I'm loving it..not that I'm still the mom micro -manging their lives...I don't think I every was. I would be the parent that was blamed for not showing and kind of care, "so you dirty and muddy wasn't it fun?"   But I have to say I'm lucky to witness their lives a bit closer...I get to watch them intermingle as adult siblings.  Now I have a sister in Ark. and a step brother in MI and a step sister here close in town but I have never had relationships as I see these young adults having. "it's really awesomeness at its best."  and the best part the more I let go and observe as I would be watching a movie I get to see the beauty of it all..

So what does this have to do with "what works and keeping it simple?"  Good question, might be a lengthy one so be aware.  I picked the word this year "Intuition" and Last year's word was Relationships what's so funny is I got tested on it a bit with some relationships but tested in away of great learning so now I can see the beauty of with the word this year I have Intuition and that has opened some lovely doors for myself.  I've been more in tune with what keeps me sane and on the spiritual side of things and that guides me to be receptive to a source of all guidance...I know darn I mention "God" but I will and that is my source, a pretty powerful one that is in all living of nature and the natural flow. But I'm not going to go there but where I would like to go is the intuition part.  I know that there is a plan for me...I truly trust that but what that plan is I don't know...then how can one function if they don't know you might ask? 

I start with routine every morning. I've found what works for me and though I don't want to do it every day I do, do it and find great comfort in.  A morning ceremony as some might say. All the self help books out there that I've read and all the how to's about creating art I've found that I've got to cut my own path and find what works and work with the morning coffee made and in my cup, my four legged friends are fed and I sit at the table with candles lite, my gratitude list on a index card and my journal with some meditation books and also a magazine or new article to read. I rest in to a good hour or two..Yes I wake up at 4:00 or 4:30 every morning.  The rest of the homestead is still sleeping at this point and these morning ceremonies are all for me and my intuitive side.  Some morning I don't feel like writing but do and I get past the ugliness of what is stopping me for being open to listen.  And then I continue and get a bit more honest with my inner thoughts then it comes the flood of inspiration sometimes I can't write fast enough...Now some might say it's the coffee...could be but I've done it with out coffee and had the same experience.

The person that comes out on the page is me, honest, raw and real.  It's awesome. With all the different information out there as of what you should be doing as an artist as an woman, yada.. yada.. yada..   it really comes down to your own individual balance of what you/I think is most important parts for you life and then working them.  I so enjoy my homestead and the people that live with young adults, the unfinished construction of our home, which by the way has great character and I so love the real and raw chaos that comes with it all. Simple but so rich... 

And with that some simple things that make me so happy are when I get over the thought of cleaning my fish tank(55gallons) and really do it I am so please to see the crystal clear water and clean glass sides, and My homestead inside plants are so happy and green to receive the fish tank water, this just brings in new life to the rest of the house.  Simple tasks bring such great joy.  

All the while knowing I have this week a group of woman coming over to do the dinner and art networking we share each month and with the extra cleaning it's made me so proud of my home and family.  Where two weeks ago I fretted and was down on myself for living in a unfinished home with adult children still living with us...I let go of the societal crap and turned to the "What is really important in my life" and was guided to some awesome intuitiveness. 

Rambling but all this will help me I pray for the guidance to finish that violin...Keep the doors open on that one as the stuff is there in the studio but my needs are on the task at hand and trust that it will all play out and work out...Things like this have in the past and I have no fear that it won't now. 

Here is my one work station in the studio with some stuff, the inspiration is still coming...pulling out the assemblage stuff has me a little rusty...I've got boxes and draws open all over the studio.

Close up of the section where the box was inlaid and now there's the small glass bottles with cork tops housing small watch parts, tiny gears and gadgets.  It's doing a puzzle with out any knowledge of what it's suppose to be.."Assemblage" Frustrating but also a great challenge for any artist.."it's a Problem to be Solved" and any true artist loves that challenge.



  1. Great reflective post Laura.

  2. Thanks Lynn, every once in awhile I have a good reflective moment that carries me to the next one.


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