Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Steampunk Gal" Violin-DuPage Symphony Orchestra

Steampunk Gal Violin completed for the Auction and Wine Tasting  at the DuPage Symphony Orchestra Saturday April 6th From 6-8pm  

              I wanted to try the style in Steampunk, which pulls from a Victorian Era.

The sheet music is from a Opera first preformed in 1843, The Bohemian Girl.. hence the name of the piece again is "Steampunk Gal" 

What is Steampunk ?

The Bohemian Girl

Victorian Era 1837-1901

DuPage Symphony Orchestra  


  1. Absolutely amazing and beautiful! What a lucky person who will win this!

  2. Had so much fun with it...going to be hard to say good it on the kitchen counter now leaning against the kitchen window...need to see it a bit longer.


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