Saturday, March 30, 2013

Expanding, contract, recoil or react?

This morning I'm here at the lap top full of much so that I can hardly stop myself. A flood of classes ideas are coming in, though it's exciting I need to stop and see if I can fit it all in. 

I'm realizing I'm not springing back as fast from each event.. I seem to need more down time between to regain my with that I kind of stop myself and take a look at the calendar and what jobs I've committed to already.Smart thing to do. Still need time to create my own art..

I walk around my home and look at some of my own artwork hanging on the walls and I say to myself..Oh yeah..I wanted to do a few more of those and I've got two more of these to finish to complete the series..and then I need to walk the dogs and it's spring and I've got some yard work to do...yahda...yahda...yahda...

I'm blessed to be able to have the opportunity to even be thinking like this.. I was also ask to do a day of papermaking with Midwest Collage Society group in June...and I'm in awe over that....I want to do that too as of sometime this season fit in papermaking too.

So what's a girl to do...Recoil? crawl back in a hole and hide out...I have to admit there are days but then if I turn days like that around there just moments to recharge the energy that's all. Just need to say a prayer and let the big guy upstairs know "I'm working on it down here as fast as my confused head can with a full heart and half Assed body."  joking of course but the truth.

I've got to write up my class agenda this morning and I've found every where else to write, in my journal to a few friend through emails and blogging here but not where I need to..Focus..focus..focus.. Ideas are flooding me as to what to do but other ideas are feeding off of that and I want to teach a Coptic Stitch book binding class for art got to watch the expanding parts and stay focus...Darn where did my horse blinders go? 

I'm alive and grateful for scatter brain has me all over the place..ADHD? what I don't have that...I'm just a creative woman with a heart of courage that want to try it all or at least try to fit it all in one day...

Rambling...rambling and so I spent four hours outside doing clean up yard work yesterday with the sandhill cranes still flying over and I witness to Red tails courting...

(not my image of the Red Tail Hawks but this is what it looked like)
It was going to be just one hour then I was going to come in and write out my class agenda...silly me before I know it I was burning my brush pile and all the last season stuff and making plans...and ideas and just enjoying the moment..

So I could keep going on shooting from the hip here of randomness but I think I'll stop and be a good girl and get busy on my task at hand...getting ready for class. Really wish the best to you all with the renewal of the season..


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