Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning and my Oldest Birthday

The house is quiet, all young adults, husband and four leggeds are still sleeping, I at the kitchen table with sounds of the running water from the fish tank.  I've not colored eggs or filled baskets...I think last year I colored eggs and the family ate them but the fun went out of the whole with out sounding like I'm a grumpy bunny I've not colored eggs or prepared any Easter basket...My fizzles is gone...  Instead I spent it walking the woods and came home and read my chapter in the book for book club and just feel a bit off...On these kind of days I just huddle in the chair with a blanket and I ended up watching Love it or List it shows on HGTV...sad I know but I like to see the transformation.

Talked my mom in Arkansas heard about the problems with the Propane tank and running empty and the silly company not coming out like they should and how my step father is doing in the rehabilitation-living place...Good news is he's coming home in May so my mom is happy...took him off all meds and he's doing better..still not 100%, that won't happen but he's happier too and is responding to more things now.. question do they really know all the combo bombs they put into peole with the medication?  I've heard more problems with that.  I really don't think they know what they are doing.. but good to hear all is much better.

My step mom and my dad are in at my sister house and they celebrate Easter with them so we chatted on the phone..Always a good chat.  My Nephew graduates this year from High School, the news about same sex marriages which I'm all for and the goofy bosses my husband has to deal with on the job...Oh life what can you do.

We will Celebrate a nice afternoon Dinner at my mother in laws and also Celebrate my Oldest Daughter "Stevie Kay's" 28th birthday....I want to say how that's old but I've kind of lost brain cells long the way that I can't tell that years just flew by.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and Happy Hopping Spring to you all.

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