Saturday, March 23, 2013

Drama from the Winged ones Part 2.

The Owl is a symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night.  The Greek Goddess Athena had her companions of Owls all around her, the grace of higher wisdom.  They bring clairvoyance and extract secrets. They can teach about new vision opening up and new perceptiveness being born. The gift of going about your business and keeping silent about it can be a mysterious gift.

Oh there's so much more about Owls and their meaning that I won't go into I'm just sharing some surface stuff and things that brought a bit of meaning to me.

So as I witnessing this all I hear them the Sandhill Cranes, I've got to share with you the sound they make and seeing them fly over snips me from behind the knees every time...hits me spiritually.

Cranes- Can teach us about the feminine energies and it might be time to recover what had almost become extinct with in you. Also it's important to not be dividing our attention, staying focused on one thing. Time to celebrate our creative resources and keep them alive, regardless of the conditions in which they manifest, both by simply having the proper focus in your life.

As I watched them fly over the Sandhill cranes that is, I spotted something else way way up and white to be exactly.  I kept looking and looking and watched the flight pattern and I do believed it was a Eagle. Circling this point I was so grateful my oldest daughter came home at this point, or a few minutes before so witness all this. 

Eagles- Can teach one to be of balance on the earth but not in it. They are the symbol for the soul, spirit and warmth of life. Being that it was a bald eagle that I saw that is a eagle source of food comes mainly from water and  is the psychic aspect of life and the creative energies. Reflecting and awakening ability or need to learn to walk between two worlds. The black and white symbol the rediscovery of the inner child. The Eagle also becomes the symbol of greater sight and perception. The four talon of the Eagle symbols the meaning of grounding and laying a solid foundation for oneself.  They can teach you to know what to speak, how much and how strongly. The eagle teaches lesson of cooperative responsibility and they are the true predator of keeping balance.

Well I know I'm have a different thought process going on right now...not that I didn't know about these aspect of life or ways of approaching life it really has all come together in one day to make me personal aware of something...Intuitive knowing now a good direction to keep going in..

Do you ever stop and access your life and see if it  the right direction. 

Ok just had to share...


  1. Love these posts! So interesting, Laura! thanx.

  2. Thank April Never know if I can get it all down on the key board the experience is usally words sometimes don't express it.


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