Saturday, March 23, 2013

Drama from the four legged and wings ones Part 1.

Yesterday I had some errands to do and I found myself close to the Oak Brook Library...I've walked the bike path around there with a friend before and I had wanted to do my walking at some point during the day so I decided to do it there. 4 miles around different views some on the edge of the wooded spot and the rest on the edge of executive buildings..not my favorite but it's always good to switch things up now and then especially the exercise routine.

As I walk the path I come to  a crossing and seen a woman stopped in her SUV and on her photo I thought then I cross the road and look up and seen there on the hill leading up from the small marshy area were two Coyotes..Lets call them a pair,  one was laying down as though looking like she/he was sunning.  The other was standing guard. Of course now they seen us there and decided to move back into the brush.  The woman thought that people must be feeding them there, that's why there around...I laughed and yes she's right to a point but the coyotes are very adaptable and can live off of many things.   It's that time of year where they have pups and are paired together for the purpose of their survival..they say if the mother of the pups pass away or is killed for some reason the male coyote will continue to hunt for the young and try to take care of them as best he can.

Some pointers and meaning these creatures that can help bring to your life.

Coyotes - Are creators and jokesters. When the magic isn't working in your life it still has purpose. Think about it...Seeing a coyote can bring hidden wisdom, they are creators, teachers and keeper of Magic some believe. They also can remind us not to become to serious and that anything is possible. A question one might ask upon seeing a coyote is, Am I making things more complicated that they need to be? Or I've heard am I staring at my own shadow?
A coyote can teach about balance of wisdom and folly. Question to ask is, Am I seeing the wisdom of life and it's events? They will also teach you poise in the chaos of life. They can help you see that true teachers of wisdom have a wonderful sense of humor. They help us reawaken the intellect, creativity, the artistic mind and all the intuitive faculties. They helps us realize the ability to adapt to situations.
Their howling helps us connect to a primal spot in our souls. kind of erie I know.  And they are a close knit family unit which balance of wisdom and folly help make for a fulfilling life. 

I'm in awe of seeing them here at 12 noon in public but they blended in nicely to the surroundings. As they watched and sunned themselves on the hill top observing the cars and commotion below. Probably no one really seen them there but us.

At this point I come home and step out of the Transit and here the crows sound off making their loud statement of "Intruiders, this is not right, gather the troops"....I look up and see one Cooper hawk flying and two crows behind..the one crow has white tip wings..not the whole feather but just the tips..I thought Wow.  Then I watch them circle and before I knew it there were more crows and from across the Cattail Basin comes.. being chased by the Crows and some Cooper Hawks was a Great Horned Owl...yes both the Cooper Hawks and Crows. I was in a bit of shock as of seeing this all...The Great Horned Owl I wasn't sure it was but I looked really hard at the head of the winged one as he flow over and sure enough it was......And the flight pattern was of a glide not a flapping..something different then I would see at that low level with a Redtail Hawk would do. Which I've seen them chased by crows before...Such grace of the great horned owl as he glided looked as though three times bigger but not really.



  1. Wow, what a great walk. I'd give anything to see an owl flying over like that. I'll just have to keep walking and hope I find one soon too.

  2. Hi Mary, Only saw the coyotes on the walk but the Great Horned Owl was flying over my house. we have a nesting pair that courts in my cotton wood tree almost every Jan-Feb...What a wonderful sound they make.


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