Friday, March 01, 2013

Pearl Canyon - Collage painting-Laura Lein-Svencner

Pearl Canyon, 12 x 12  collage painting on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

Close up of the focus area.

I've done this style of work before but not to the extend of pushing back the papers. I as I like to say creating the history of the piece. More is always revealed as you look closer and longer..but so of us me included don't spend the time to look if it doesn't catch out eye we done with it.. so a whole lot of the time we really should look longer at a piece of art especially the mixed media kind there is so much going on in the layers...You know the dysfunctional part to the intimacy in relation to the way the edges met up or how the colors blend together. Then everyone once in a while there's a slap of reality right in your face...What am I describing?  good question, how about the history of a piece of creation, be it human beings to how a plant grows..Creating isn't a smooth process, or as we would like to think it is...Where did we get that idea from... I really like to think that there's beauty in the dysfunction that has to be accepted in order for the layers to build up.

Some of my past Free Flow Collage works as I call them.

 There is a taped edge and you can see it in this piece and the one below.
Acrylics add to the surface after it was sprayed with water. Then the plastic wrap was laid on and picked up to create a mono print's fun to do but if now aware can got to to stop just before you want to do it one more time.. You can see the pastel lines in there. I make this mark so that I can have some kind of guidance..I many not flow it but I like to think of it as path that some walked before and now I come to it and see if this is where I will go.
I  used white and black pastels. 

 Coats of polymer are added after a spray of fixative and then layers of collage papers and looks as though I did a image transfer of some written words from a old letter. Randomness or family member with a know rambling for no reason...and you wonder what was that worry it will call come together later.

 Brought in some pop color with the Yellow and Red. I believe the papers in the back ground had a yellow hue to it and I so I brought to the surface with stronger value.  At this point I keep layering and layering the collage papers and acrylic. Freely taking jabs at it..

Here's  sample of another free flow collage painting I did a while ago.. I like to step out of the arena of collage and play in the moment with piece like these.  I push and test my abilities with reaction. Not much thinking more doing and trusting in my first judgement of what I see in front of me..Not to many place where one can do that these day but through a creative process..It doesn't have to be right all the time it can just be what it is, Can't it.


  1. These are very nice, Laura. Your work has a cohesiveness among the pieces that marks your style as your own.

  2. Thanks Jo, I think that is what we are all striving for as artist to have our own voice..and I've also wondered when does it happens? But then being a creative one who sits around and watches for that...we are just to busy have a great and grand time right?

  3. Love, love, love Pearl Canyon!!!

  4. I love the blue painting a lot. It's very free and expressive. Beautiful work.


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