Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a sheet of battleship gray and printing

 I've been wanting to carve a larger spiral circle from a rubber stamp I have. Went and stamped it on a sheet of computer paper then brought it to the computer and scanned it and blow it up...made myself some tracing paper by rubbing the back of the image with some charcoal pencil and then turned it over and retraced the image of the spiral on the Linoleum square.  Pulled out my speedball tool and started carving away...being careful not to get to cut-happy with it.  Took me a bit to get'her going.
 Be it for the extra lines or the process of carving,  I just love the look.  I inked it up with some acrylics. To see how it would look. 

 Yesterday I was working with the blue acrylics and had some left over and didn't let that go to waste and painted up some drawing paper with the left over.  Now today this is perfect for a test run.  I use some retarder by Golden to add to the acrylic and as you can see any acrylics works.. but the retarder is added so I have some time to work the acrylic and it doesn't start drying up on the brayer.

 close up of the printing..Love the lineage in there..

and finally pulled out my one piece I've not been able to finish because of other projects that called forth my attention.. It was great to see an old friend as you might say...haven't done anything yet with it but it sure feels great to have it on the big table in the studio  which now the assemblage is put away for a short time so I can finish this these up..Hate to leave things undone...'Cracking the whip on myself.."  ouch...OK I'll get a move on this...

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  1. Love that stamp, Laura! Been wanting to do that for so long too.


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