Monday, February 11, 2013

Trust in a Flow

Well made some progress on a couple of different Fronts...

The Website is never to face will always need updating or tender loving care. Oh lets just be honesty "Tweaking" is more like it. When is it ever done?  got to let go of that need to be on top of it all the time and doing nothing about because I'm a bit old for it and can't learn.  It take some sit time behind the computer and knowledge from a young adult in my family to help me. ( the determination to do is there and do it all by myself too but there are times when I need a little help from a friend or family member) Grateful for it all. The husband said that he see I don't like to take the time to learn new things...well that's the truth there...Why do I have to keep learning more I have to master what I know first before I can pack more in..and that's always been a struggle. But one things is I'm not a quicker so...the website is not at tip top shape but I'm happy to say the bug of the light box has been fixed.  My Web Ranger Gal...(oldest daughter-Stevie) did great but forgot to share the file for the new light box on every page and every time I upload in information on the site I was adding old version of the lightbox so it wasn't working glad that is fixed.

Studio Time Made it to the studio to work on the one big piece that seem to be paralleling with my life right now. As to say each day I'm in the understand of needing to know more, will be revealed and to sit back and relax this may take awhile but in the mean time what are you doing to progress in other areas of your life...yeah right? How did I get that from working on my art?  don't know but the answers I usually have or feeling for my work usually guide me but this piece seem to be posing a different situation for me... Every once in a while I have a piece that cause some angst.  And I'm going to go with the flow on this one. Trusting that it will all work out and literally I'm having to take it one day a time.. Very small steps are being made.  The truth is I've got a full boat of jobs going on and I'm still trying to hold up my end of the deal-(promise to self, personal assignment, anal thinking)  I made with myself with completing the 12 pieces.
Realizing that helps me calm the pressure I put on myself with it all. Shall I say Every things has a time and place, trust in that.

I've been reverting back to an old practice of visualization I use to use when the kids were very young all four of them running around and me trying to manage it all and be a good mom.  I would sit for a time outside/my time out and walk a course of visual meditation, where by I come to a big old stump where I sat my problems and situation down,  throw the woods across a stream and under the pines out to the prairie..there's more to it then that but it was a wonderful place to start the day.  Putting that back in to practice after about 22 years is something awesome to me as the mind just picked up where it left off. So many things we as humans we can do to keep our sanity and serenity, if only we do it.



  1. I'm always encouraged by your posts, Laura! I love your discipline to write each day, your determination to carry out your commitments, your willingness to ask for help when you need it and your strength to just do it!

  2. Oh Thank Susan, I been hearing if your Afraid of doing something do it afraid..and I've been putting that in to practice.


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