Saturday, February 02, 2013

So Happy Land Beaver Day

I looked up on Wikipeda and seen the different names for Ground Hogs...Which growing up we had a woodchuck that lived in the back of the garage under the concrete floor outside and for the longest time would dig out the gravel and then leave this big hole that would cause the concrete floor to crack..not good.

and then I've heard them called Whistling Pigs there is a sound they make that sounds just like that.

So Happy Land Beaver Day...I just get a chuckle saying that..goofy I know. 

Off to enjoy the Winter white snow and walk in the woods then it's time to do some more clearing of clarity in the studio...back closet space has to be cleaned out today..need to find the floor and the walls...been so packed now it a good day for it..

Husband bought me to new bird feeders and when we went out to breakfast yesterday morning we got 50lbs. of black sunflower seed...Everyone got a treat in the neighbor this morning..and stocked my suet feeders too. When we do this it ends up calling more to the area then just the little birds...the Cooper hawks and the Red tails come in because of the ruckus of the smaller winged ones. I know the birds have survived with out me feeding them but I do enjoy watching them and the rest of nature right outside me window.

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