Saturday, February 23, 2013

Received my postcard today

I received my postcard today from Jane Davies...this is really a great surprise to receive mail like this. I'm sure she felt overwhelmed with the amount of postcards that were sent to her..which is a wonderful thing, becaue this all started to because of the post office she owns.  It needed to have mail come to it so she launched this idea. Well that's what I know about it and I'm sure you can find more details at her site.  

Off to the woods befor the sun goes away.


  1. Hi Laura, you left a comment at my blog post and asked me about my palette...if it was hard for me to stay in the subdued realm of colors... black, white, umber... and I have to tell you that this is my true aesthetic. It took me several years to finally realize that I am not a color person.. in my clothes, home decor, japanese gardens..I am very consistent... not much color anywhere. If it does not feel natural to stay subdued.. then you may be a color artist.. one can not fight one's nature.

  2. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for commenting about your color scheme. I think it takes sometime and personal exploration to come to balance and comfortable to us and acceptance that it is what and where your to be with our art/creative life...I've also heard you got to put in a good 5000 hours before all that is established to a good understand for yourself.. not to get off topic here but back on, my fasionation with a more holistic approach as you have is driving me to learn more for thank you again for sharing.


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