Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pop up Class

Been up in the studio and putting the finishing touches on my ICE series and now waiting for the mat board to come in today...Hope it gets here before the winter weather comes, mainly for the guy that's delivering, he's got to head back all the way to Elgin when done.  Long trip in bad weather..Well they say "Drive like you live here" which that's what I do  as of the variety of weather we get seasonally. 

I'm heading out this weekend to Hopkin's Art Center in Minneapolis Minnesota and the husband is coming with.  So along with daily progress on many projects I've been preparing for my demo there. When you have only an hour or a little over you need to have things prepared so that you don't spend you whole time demo'ing how to use a hair dryer.

I've also received the go ahead for a extended class time at Naperville Art League and well one thing has lead to another and the student's aren't all able to make it so I switched things up a bit and created this class for the two days. 

You see when there is space to use for a class you jump on it..space as nice as that is hard to come by and when the time is allotted to you, you also jump on it.  And like I say it's like fishing..you get all prepared for a class as much as you can and one never knows if you will teach...need the fish to bit..hahaha but that's the truth. As of the Student have to be interested enough to want to take the class and learn from the instructor.. I need a good 5 to make it worth all involved. I'm promoting now because of the short time limit before it starts.

So off to do the bills and food shopping.

"Floating Collage"

2 Day Collage Class at Naperville Art League,

With collage artist and instructor Laura Lein-Svencner
Tuesday March 12th
Tuesday March 19th
9:30-2:30 each day,
Bring your coated collage papers and a lunch,

Floating Collages are created to allow the edge of the papers to speaks just as loudly as the papers that are arranged in the center. Some collage paper preparation will be given along with small exercises. When completed artwork will be mounted and matted to create a wonderful floated presentation, read to be framed.


Fee $75.00

Call to Register with Naperville Art League

508 North Center Street Naperville IL 60563

Gallery Hours Wed-Sat 12-4pm.

This class was just added on so it may not be on the website, but if you call Debbie she will be happy to take your registration.


  1. I love that - floating collage thing. Too bad I don't live near you, I would love to be in your class!

  2. Hi Judy..

    Thanks for your comment... I'm hoping it flies as the class, just trying to keep more people interested in creating and I love making art so these too shall meet and Create On!!


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