Friday, February 22, 2013

Cards and preparing for the ICE Exhibit....

Tried some thing a bit different then I normal do.  I had some left over 140lb. watercolor paper and taped it off and then coated with the polymer medium. While I let it dry I grabbed the box of scrapes I seem to keep adding to and then in my classes subtracting from. I pulled papers out and just "Slapped Jack" them together on the watercolor paper. I Tacked them down and then did a glazing of black on one and brown on the other and then brought in my small Altoids box full of mini metal shapes.  I bought these shapes in the Cake Decoration section of the Michael's and I stamped them into the acrylic paints and had a grand time printing randomly with no set directions.
I then cut off the tape for a nice clean edge.  At this point you can see the top one has the tape cut off and the bottom one doesn't.  Both kind of cool in their own way. Some might ask way am I even taping it off when I will be cutting off the white edge any way's?  Good questions, I guess I would get that edge like I do on the top one that looks as though you are only getting a snippet of what the bigger piece is. 

 Here I used the paper cutter and measured and cut close to the sizes that I would be able to get as many pieces evenly as I could, then cut away. Used double face tape and taped the small section to the cards.  Been just have a grand time in the studio playing around... As soon as I finish the ICE series below I can get cracking on the Violin for the DSO in Naperville.. Donating my time and supplies.. moving in to some assemblage... Time to pull out the boxes stacked away in the studio supply closet.

I've been saving the steps that I've taken creating these little 6 x 6's for the ICE Exhibit and Exchange show. I'm working on all 13 of them at one time..again not to be repetitive but what I do to one I do to the other.  I think I have about two or three more things to do to them and then I order from my frame company Black mat board and I'm thinking of using some foil section I have and wrapping it around some foam core and mounting them to stand out and away from the black mat board..but will really wait to see how they look when their finished. I'm planning  on going to my local Staples and having them print out the steps I've taken and make a book of the process. A plan that's all...


  1. I absolutely love those two long narrow ones Laura! Love the colors and shapes and the bottom one is very cool even without nice clean edges. Has a very playfull feel to me!!

  2. Me too, Laura! They're so colorful and happy! Funny, I have been making some "serendipity" paper this week, using up some of the zillions of tiny scraps I save - and here you've made something really nice out of them. Love it!

  3. Oh Robin the bottom ones are in process and I'll soon cut the tape off..I hate to show them like this..but it's a process and good to see that.

    April the strip collages I did at the top I had to think about cutting them up so trying to make small compositional piece all long the way was what I was thinking..not sure but they cards when out already..hope the people I sent them to enjoyed them.

  4. The strip collages have worked out wonderfully, but I love your ICE collages.

  5. I like the long narrow ones so much but better after the white edges are exposed. I must try that.

  6. Both of your examples are just wonderful! The colorful ones and the black and white!

  7. Yes Jo's it's good I feel to work in different sizes, I seem to expand and contract, like nature in all aspects even my own body form...well I'll stick to art hahaha and not my mid sections try to work on the contracting there...for the rest of my life..Any Hoo have fun with it!!


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