Friday, February 08, 2013

A flood of information

The husband got called out to snow plow last night around 6:40ish and so he headed out.  By 10pm I was in bed sleeping away. This morning I wake up and do my morning things, dogs, coffee, journal and a bit of morning meditation of nothingness and reading inspirational words. 

I have to say that as the morning lightened up outside more information started coming in. From so many areas I was reading I felt I was on a information overload.  Really cool stuff too.

I'm reading with my book club Joy Diet by Martha Becker, only on the second chapter. Well she asks you to ask yourself some simple truth questions everyone more. Self help I know but small bits keep the mind body and spirit in line and God knows I'm always seeking the balance long journey.

Realize your personal truths
1. This is what I Love....
2. This is what I need...
3. This is what makes me angry...
4. This is what's happening, right now

again kind of along the lines of the three question to ask yourself that I have on the side bar here of the blog.

Little did I know in my morning journal writing I'm understanding my personal truths and aligning myself with balance for the the day or least trying too. Gathering a good understand of what is need and most important in my life.

Then of course I was on Facebook and  sharing images and peeking at what others are chatting about and showing off and there is this article.. Top 10 skills children learn from art.   This whole time someone thought it was good to cut it out...what were they thinking...well so grateful for reading this and how still at the age of 51 I so need to learn these skills still. 

Now this information that came sounds a bit hurtful towards myself but really its an area that I can try to make some improvements..Not a terrible up bring but there were areas that created some distorted thinking and now I carry it into my adult life...Reality time... made total sense to me about the problems I have with new and old relationships with friends and family..
This woman shared here story and this part hit home..."I brought a big empty bowl into my relationships and demanded that people fill.   Pass coping survival skills  I learned I'm not proud of but I'm an adult now and for some reason it's time to look at this kind of stuff to keep growing learning and not going stale..

I made it the studio final to work on the last 36 x 36 in my series of 12 and I'm still not sure of the directions but I keep telling myself to trust that more will be revealed to me as of the directions it's to going in..I want to say I think but I will switch that around to I do believe that I'm to be walking this path with this piece right now..struggle and frustrating but it's got me staying open for a solution to directions which is so parallel with my life now. 

My rock this morning have everything you need..isn't that a nice blessing.

Well time to get a move on the day, I've got my volunteer time at the art league and a few stops for some food shopping and then maybe to the studio this afternoon.


  1. HI Laura, the article you shared is really poigant.
    I enjoy your posts. I am still dabbling with collage. Since I work full time my art time allowance is never enough. My last painting was a wedding gift last October. Your work has grown in size mine is smaller. I love both large and small. Hopefully my blog will have more posts this year and more work will end up framed. Paintspatters Project from DeKalb, IL

  2. Hi Sherry,

    Good to hear from you, and great to hear your still Creating ON!!


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