Thursday, February 21, 2013

A few days late... Student work Naperville Art League

Contemporary Collage Landscape
 Elaine's collages on watercolor paper. She wasn't able to say the whole class time. But she left her work to show us all.
 Martha's work and what fun with the old 45's I wonder where they will take her..I keep telling her I want to see 50 of these and then do an installation some how.

 April found her way and was off exploring the landscape scene.

 Lenora, dedication paid off with some wonderful piece here. She was really enjoyed making the papers. Helps loosen you up.
 Nancy need to get pass a little slump and I think this class was it...She even shared how she used snack baggies to save the small scrapes just in case she wanted to add more in at later day. Great idea.

 June share her design back ground with us and which we thoroughly enjoyed and so excited to watch how the coffee cup piece turned out in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

 Re, jumped in the last day, to our amazement and got another one started as a companion piece to the first one. Again we are amazed.

 Marianne was pumping the collage out...a little collage machine she was...but she shared how the art process is so emotional for her and I sure can see it in these pieces can't you?

Lisa, tackled the biggest size with her canvas and using a photo reference she is accomplishing some major obstacles and we are in awe of what is evolving.

All turned out well in this class, Students enjoyed each other so much that we are extending the class two more days and the room, atmosphere and Naperville art league have been a joy to work with. 


  1. 'Love viewing these photos!

  2. Hi Sue Thanks for stopping by, I see your a Mixed Media creative type too! We got to "Stick together"


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