Friday, January 18, 2013

Wanting to Rant...?

I've started many times this morning about a few things going on out side my homestead and some small areas inside...but as I got a good few sentence going I didn't feel good about it and I don't want to carry that around in my day. 

All these things are out of my control to I've been adapting to the New Normal as a way to accept this many be the way its to be.

I took a break from my writing on the post there and went upstairs to make a card for someone and I could feel ugly in thought when I saw the papers laying out calling for their last coat of polymer and how wonderful it is to have a space like this and how blessed I am.

Now I'm back down here posting and I need to go walking because of all the responsibility I've put upon myself and some not that are service work I need to keep my sanity and peace.  So instead of whining and ranting about things that are the New Normal I'm stopping myself and looking at the blessings. Making a list now because I need to do that.

1. my health
2. my husband
3. my children
4. a good family
5. a home that is rich in spirit and character
6. my studio space
7. Husband has a job
8. I have work with my teaching
9. I have the ability to create freely
10. Love in the family
11. Events that lined up so I can continue to work and contribute to the family.
12. my beloved four legged friends and our extra fella that we watch too.
13. A good neighborhood
14. Friends and good relationship with our friends
15. blessed with the way our children are making choices in there lives.
16. Good parents that raised us,
17. moments like this to reflect and turn my thinking around.
18. Blessed with a man that can fix most anything that brakes down..though he feels its a curse but a gift it is.
19. My morning time to vent and journal write my feelings and sort out the best way to handle them
20. My church the woods

I have no room to rant or whine anymore this morning there is to much to be grateful for and thankful.

May we all find the Good Orderly Direction in our lives to live in some form of peace and know what it really feels like.

Aho! as our native relatives say....


  1. Excellent. Gratitude to the rescue!

  2. Thank you for the reminder :) Have an awesome week!

  3. Yes Gratitude to the Rescue is the ticket.


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