Friday, January 11, 2013


36 x 36
collage on canvas

I just picked this piece up from the photographer.  I have to share that this piece was a stretch for me. Not a color palette I normally work in.. but I wanted to push myself to a different level and perspective and now that I've done that with this pieces I'm liking it.  There's a new respect for it.  You see my word for the year-2012 was Relationships.  Some say the words pick them but in my case I picked the word because I needed to work on my relationships in my life. I will always need to work on them and through them in some cases. Do you notice how this piece has taken on a home shape?  and how there are large and small sections with things going on..Well think of those as the relationships and how some are just an eye contact walking down to the street to the larger more dramatic ones that are the closes in ones life.  Shapes and colors are symbolism in this piece.

I will be out and about today dropping off artwork for my Exhibit at North Central College.  So much to do about all this before hand, like dusting off cleaning up and wrapping up the work making sure its ready to go...Vacuumed out the transit yesterday so it was clean before I load the artwork. Deep breathe and off I go..

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