Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paper paper paper

Yesterday I walked the dogs early and then the husband wanted to go out for breakfast so I went with..but afterwards I feel kind of goofy as of ache all over the place and an on and off head ache..Flu ? don't  know but he went on to see a Motorcycle show at Pheasant Run and I went up stairs...just wanted to be by myself.   So I created because I could and before I knew it I had created an 36 x 36 experiment piece. It's not a dud but might be a piece that is calling for some explanation or it might not...but you got to go through it and find out...

The rest of the day the ache and pain started to take over and I just laid this morning all the paper work/computer work I put off I had to take care of and even entered a few more exhibiting opportunities. Getting the past work to work for me is what you call it...can't let the work lay around got to keep it out there, Right?  Well with the computer stuff I also print out a copy of all that I do so I have a physical copy of it...extra but then if I need to write things down then I can and keep record too. So paper is everyone... in my work and out side of it..

 this piece Baby Bear Moon just was accepted in an Exhibit "Woman of Color 2013" at the Urban Art Retreat center with Liz Long Gallery..



  1. thanks Angela...I had a great time working with each one of the 13..I've sold now about three of them of the 13..which is great...I'm bring them out again to show...they've been in storage.. you know how it is when something it put away for a while and you bring it out new..


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