Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nevr Dull Papers for Collage

Nevr Dull is a metal cleaner and the first time I heard of it was with Claudine Hellmuth's collage Workshop book and DVDs.  Well as you play around with things and get familiar with them you start to experiment and this is one of those things I've done...I was stamping and spread Gesso and Polymer medium on found papers along time, using it as a resist and then when I was playing around with making some Magazine papers with Nevr Dull I thought What would happens if I stamped the magazine page with a shape and used polymer medium...dries clean what would happens? 

Using the polymer medium on a palette or plate I stamped it into the magazine page...I only use National Geographic because of the quality of paper and inks. After stamping on to the page I then let it dry completely. 
The Nevr Dull is a can of raw cotton material soaked in a solvent that can remove rust and odd things from metal. And at this point make sure you have good ventilation before you go any further..I like to do this outside on a old table covered with plastic and newspapers as the inks will combine together and leave a black mess on the surface your working on. 
You can see the cotton wad there on the magazine page..some of the inks have come off on to the cotton wad just by rubbing the surface of the magazine. What is revealed is the stamped resist of Polymer medium. You can have fun with this and stamp all sort of objects or even use a small detail brush and write with the polymer and let dry.
After I've rubbed off to my personal desire... I then come in with a simple baby wipe to Clean up the extra solvent left by the Nevr dull.  You can see you could rub off almost all the inks on the surface of the decide when you want to stop or rub more for a lighter effect.  So many choice I's great though you get to choose!
Here is a Nat. Geo. page that has been stamped with polymer medium which created a resist. When let dry it then can be rub with Nevr Dull metal cleaner and the inks will come off around the place you've stamped with polymer medium. 
Now this is a simple pattern but you can really take this to different levels.
At this point when the papers is completed. I coat on a layer of polymer medium on both sides letting each side dry and then layering between wax paper or deli sheet and it will be ready for collaging. 
All the papers that I make for my collage work is a palette. Some times I spend days doing this then when I want to collage, papers are read to pull from and time isn't wasted preparing. 

More to come...just have to go walking now..


  1. Love the idea. .... I don't have never dull, but I do have Citra Solv which does amazing things to Nat Geo mags, buy I guess only those, for the same reasons you like them. I think I'll go make a mess. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I could only find one of my Nat Geo mags, and my roommate had layoff claim to it. I did get him to at least part with a few pages of it. At first it was only ads, which don't work as well, which he refused to believe until I showed him. Finally he let loose of a few more pages of my magazine. I wonder wear the others have got off to. Others think I have no organization, but I usually know where everything is, unless someone moves it.

    I did get started on a couple of collages though. I had a couple of nice pieces of cardboard which I gessoed and played with some painted paper towels as a background. One of them I found an old piece out of a book, not sure where it came from. On account of a dog, with half a dog, some paw prints, and several drawings of checks written fir the dog, in 1974. Anyway, had a bit of fun, and am letting things dry a bit before playing some more. Maybe I'll be happier with my Nat Geo pages by then.

    Thanks for getting me started.


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