Thursday, January 03, 2013

Moving right along

Yesterday it was about waiting and what you do while you wait for a loved one that is going through a major surgery.  I know that from my experience with the Most Interest Man= my husband I needed to be in the present moment and in a positive mood... so pulling from my experience and my past life of how to deal with and through things I use the ability to create.  Something I've used from as far back as I can remember.... mostly when I was little I would color in a coloring book while I waited or was bored or things were going that we folk don't even know what's about.  I'm going to say I'm grateful for that personal survivial skill and how it's served me well all my life.  As the say "Create your way through"  and that's what I'm doing.

Here are the hand stitched collage journal for morning pages or when every you need to write...I set a little good intention to create 5 of grateful and thankful I'm doing it this week. As you can see I've got one ready to go for today when I spend some time up at the hospital with my mother in  law this morning.  It takes less then an hour to stitch up the 10 signatures to the front and back covers.

I started this a few days ago in hopes to finish it today, a bit disappointed but realistically it was impossible to do it all..and I needed to face I'll be dropping off another piece at the Naperville Art League for the January show...trying to get the work back in to the art leagues...I've kind of walked away the last few years and I think it was for a growth spurt...  I've transfer two image one of thinner woman then myself but an image I would like to work towards this to face it, and in with doing that I went back on the on line weight watchers and lost 8.8 in one week...Whahooo! reality is this will be the most weight I will lose in one week setting through my journey of my food recovery process. So enough of that I'm on my way in small manageable steps..

So to continue where I started with this image I will have to accept that I  need to bring in another piece instead of this...which is really a relief..Now I can spend a bit more time with this image and my personal thoughts I'm going through as the new year starts.

As I look at the image it is a image of a thinker... one of introspectiveness and the rocks that she's leaning on are pile of experience she has been through...with her jumbled ideas following through she muddles through life with her boots and manages to succeed with good intentions and a wonderful sense of it a self portrait or what's is coming from my sense of self.

On to have breakfast, shower and pack for the adventures day...I might also slip in a visit to a new friends home to see her husband chicken's the simple things that fill the heart.

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