Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday and the List

Well it's time to get things in to motion again.  All is well with the family member in recovery now as of she's home healing with care coming into her homestead a few times a week and another family member that lives there so...most of our job is done.  We may need to be the driver to and from the doctor visits but we can slip that in...Hoby is settled in nicely and following the other four legged ones in the homestead here. Some peace and balance is restored as best it can.

I've got to get my act together today and sit and get my computer stuff done, tomorrow for the first time this year I launch the Tack Down Tuesday...lots going on and new size and approach to thing...not a major change but a bit of a change.

I have to say the book I'm reading between shut eyes is great..I highly recommend it but then I should wait till I finish to say that...only on chapter two but really enjoying the perspective it...I mentioned it a while back and with holiday and family needs I've finally got a chance to read it more this morning...Time is good for it at least like I said for me.

I have a funny thing more of a red face know the kind that keeps you real.  I had up load my image on the Zapplication site for artist that want to enter in to some art fairs...seems lots of art fairs have you go through them..well I was able to get them on there.  But the problem started when I wanted to up load them to the site for the art fair...just wouldn't go..well at the beginning of the form it said 5 images and well I went for it 5 art images and one booth image...darn it I said it would went to the help button send a message through and then a guy called me..well it seems 5 images includes the 4 art images and a booth...not 5 art images and a booth..So embarrassed when the guy said now to get you to learn how to count...Never was a strong point for me...

Well got my book club this morning and excited to see everyone after the holidays and here what and where their lives have been.

Well best get going on things...

 And to center myself...
Why am I ? There's a plan for me to play out today and I don't know all the details but I'm feeling in my gut that more will be revealed and I will have complete understand of why I am.

who am I?  One heck of a awesome woman.

where am I?  I'm on a journey today and that means I'll encounter a bit of the unknown along with the known and along the way I will know where I am.

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  1. You are one heck of an awesome woman, my friend ! May the answers you are looking for come gently and kindly to yu, and may the journey to them be just exciting enough !


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