Saturday, January 05, 2013

Homeward bound

Been a very busy last couple of days..Mom in law is coming home today...which is wonderful, she is doing well and all went well.  The recovery process begins with physical therapy and learning to use one arm for all you do till it's time to start using it..which could be a few weeks or longer...don't know for sure as I've not experienced this kind of surgery before...(hole new shoulder) truly amazing what they can do. 

So while I was traveling back and forth I was able to complete my five journals I had wanted to... I was a stitch witch there for a while but it was fun...Being the Creative type and looking at projects as problems to be solved I have a tendency to so that some time with know try to fix them too but this time it's out of my league and I can be only of service on the Master of Mystery... I know my spot in this situation. So to keep me busy in a good way with out even knowing I was doing the small task goal of making these journals gave me a healthy outlet to work and play in...

I have a few things coming up to tend to in the next week as of dropping my art off at North Central College in Naperville...preparing for a big new class and keeping my own balls rolling as of some of my unfinished goals and the new ones I have a head of me.

 I will be heading to the woods this morning with all the excitement of surgery, my own end and beginning of the year routine I in need of a bit of balancing I turn to the woods my church of sanity and serenity.

Oh and lastly I did reach out to a friend to see her chickens and meet her husband that is the main care taker of them and it was very interesting to see how cool it is. I had an ideas that I wanted to do the chicken egg things you know have fresh eggs and raise the chickens and have this pets outside in my back yard all year long in all weather...and the reality is there is a whole lot of responsibility that would be needed on my part and I'm at a line now with what time I I've made a wise choice for myself to put the chicken raising and fresh eggs on the shelf.  I know it's in my blood with the farming from years past with my dad and grandfather and great grandfather and I will farm my critters I have now, two dogs, one cat, a fish tank of fish and a parakeet...plenty to handle..don't you think.


  1. Laura, I've always wanted chickens too; my grandfather had them on his farm. The other thing I have wanted are bee hives.
    I know how much of my time would be invested in keeping both going, and I just don't have the energy to start at this point in life~~too much other that needs my attention.
    *If-I-Was-Younger*.....yep, I'd have both. ;-)


  2. Glad the surgery went well. Love that you find creative time even where there first appears to be none. I would love to have chickens. I would love it even more if I had chickens and a caretaker for those chickens! Ha!

  3. Well ladies,

    Lets say the dream isn't dead but on hold...cuz if you know it to be true and it keeps knocking at you door years later then it might be time to pull it down and take another look at for now it's on hold as a more positive way to look at it.


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