Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Been busy... busy... in the studio

Here the three that I've finished and will be on exhibit at North Central College this month, from left to right, Warrior woman of the woods, Rock Mama, and Mystery Morning. 
 I started a series while back and never finished...life and the next exciting thing slipped in and detoured me for a while.. but made it back to the studio for much need creative time...happy girl now. I pulled out my sewing machine and torn the papers and mix matched them for the bottom half of the Cradle board.  found out every time I wanted to bring the machine through the stained tissue paper by itself it wadded up the thread..need a bit of thickness for it to work. The tissue paper was too thin with the polymer medium on it and just would stick in place to the presser foot...now I'm not a seamstress at all but love the repetitive look of the stitch.

this paper is a very light mint green with a Raw Umber, glazing. but before I tacked it down on the cradle board I put some of the black and white paper underneath...very faint but visible when you come in for a closer look..one of the added things I do so the work keeps reveal the mystery so to say.

And while I was in the studio the other day I got the boards all cut and coated with the Polymer so I could just use up some of my collage papers and cover the front and back of the journals.  Last night before I went to bed I fold the paper for the signature..enough for two books. I'll post this one up for sale also.

Hoping to get back up to the studio to work on next Woman of the woods series...as my mother in law is going in for Shoulder surgery tomorrow early and I hate to sit and do nothing so I figure I can make a journal while I set... but I'm also hope to keep the fire burning under my behind for the 4 piece of the series of 5 and get it done by Friday...scary I know but always like a challenge.

I'm going to call it "My Goodie Jar"

And I can't help but share this... image came from Facebook, give you the idea doesn't it...well it did me.

 Another image of a jar full of good notes and good intention  etc.  how cool is that?
Here is our "Goodie Jar" a little plan now, I've asked my oldest daughter to make a little pocket to hang off the side to hole the little piece of paper so it makes it easier to do..as you know we start with good intentions and some where along the line they fissile out.


  1. ...lunas
    de miel
    con luz
    y mi piel
    del contraluz
    a Navidad
    con paz
    y felicidad
    LAURA para tí...

    desde mis Blogs Horas Rotas y Aula de Paz
    venturoso AÑO 2013.


  2. Happy New Year, Talented One ! I hope that 2013 brings you many opportunities to be grateful and joyous !
    Enjoy your goodie jar !
    Cheers !

  3. Thanks Kim...Happy New Year to you all too. and for the comment above...Happy New Year to you also.


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