Monday, January 21, 2013

A past with Rin tin tin...and my crayons

OK who remembers this special box of crayons?
And with the crayon sharpener on the back..was that not the most awesome thing. Or it is just me that gets the hots for a new box of crayons?
There you go built in Perfect tip sharpener...the best!
Now this coloring book or one like it was always left at my grandfather house in Westmont IL.  We would go there on Sunday mornings and my dad and mom would helps out my Grandpa...He was a bakery and worked at both the bakeries in Westmont and Downers Grove...but can't remember when but I do remember the Sunday morning watching him eat his huge bowl of soup and us eating some of the coffee cake he brought home...I always thought that was odd?  But until my mom explained that Grandpa worked very early in the morning getting all the coffee cakes ready for the people for breakfast, he was actually getting off of work at the end of his day...for a little one I know that was hard to grasp.  My sister Tina at the time was just about maybe 3 or 4 and could barely get around but we would sit there in the dinning area that was also a green house area coloring and enjoying our rich coffee cakes milk. 

Now I didn't save that color book but I wished I had...but one can not save everything..though I try now..hahaha and reuse it but I remember coloring every page in the book and no matter what showed up even if I didn't like the page to color I would...I wanted to finish it from front to back(which I did) I think I was about 6 or 7 and to have a little obsessiveness at that early stage of life I didn't know what I was in for.  

So a box of crayons was a my most favorite toy..I even remember when My dear little sister Patty couldn't walk and was in leg braces and my mom set her on the floor and I would come to her with my coloring book and crayons..I think I was about 5 then and Patty was about 1 1/2 years old and would love to have me color for her...kind of odd I know but she was a very happy little one despite her disabilities... Big brown round eyes with long lashes and very full her soul...she was an angle to me...I think my mom was amazed at the way we could sit there and do this..blessing for her being her hands were so full tending to the many hospital visits and care of the home.  You see my dad worked for a golf course for some time and then I think he started working for my Uncle Len as a head Mechanic....but you know kids we remember though slit of pants legs and around a swing skirt what really was happening.  Only what I eyes could understand and our glimpses of word we recognized right?

Why am I sharing this...really because I needed a good grounding...besides the walks in the woods it's good to remember where and how your roots started for yourself at a young age.  And I think I would still be happy with a box of crayons and color know I should look for one just to full fill my memory.  As a treat to my young artist still living in me...what do you say...sounds good to me. The think about finding  a coloring's a think of the great past and why would a child carry around that?  Not when they have their phone's with the illustrated games and drawing apps?  But I might have to go to the dollar store for a coloring book.. I really think I need to do that..



  1. You are not alone! The box of 64 was very special! And still is!

  2. Oh this brought back such good memories! Always my favorite gift of all! I spent hours coloring when I was a child in coloring books and anything I could get my hands on, even the patterns on paper napkins. And that sharpener.....never worked very well but so cool that it was right there on the box! And the names of the colors- sky blue- ahhhhh, heaven!


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