Monday, December 10, 2012

Taking action on different areas

Well I did what I don't normal like to do in the morning, I sat at the computer and looked in to the Etsy site I've been wanting to start...nothing all that...just three image of my Tack Down Tuesdays up there...what I didn't realize is you have to have an account to be on there as of people that would like to purchase you wares.  Heck I should have known that..well no I didn' oldest daughter share that with me, young pearls of wisdom.   But it's something I jammer about trying...and I want to give it a try.  Also I'm going to put something else in action because I want to test the waters with it too.  I was told at a Midwest Collage Society meeting that if what I was doing was working why don't I try and see what happens for three months if I put my collage work in small frames and have it available for purchase all ready to go?  Been letting that bubble for awhile and I just jumped in to intention of doing this all it just fell in my lap and went with with that I can still fit the artwork framed in the boxes I have already for the Tack Down Tuesday's, trying not to be wasteful with the packaging I already have. 

Now on a different topic...I took my word down on the side bar of the blog awhile ago, that doesn't mean I've not thought about the word the rest if the time.  My word was Relationships...boy did I stumble upon a find this morning...Types of Relationships a paper two people wrote I'm sure for college.. not read it all the way through  going to print it out being I read so slow...thought it would be good one for a few mornings. I have to admit not that I do it well I'm fascinated with the relationships us human being have with each other...and with our lives and the things in it.  Well still more to learn..student of life as they say. 

I know my relationships with people have not been the best...One of my stumbling blocks is I take it all to personal and then make my choices on how I handle things by my emotional state at the time...regret it and have to end up making amends to most of the people in my life  or what I do it not get to close to you so I don't have to end up getting hurt...sad I know not crying just some things that I've come up short on growth part of my life.  I've learned not that I do it all the time but if I'm having problems with relationship, which usually involve people I best look at myself first and see my side of things what I've done, with how I feel it about and question if that was a correct or respectful thing to do...most of the time I'm a bit confused and fall short on seeing what I need to see.  Now why would a 51 year old creative time be looking at this stuff?  Good question, I ask myself that and what comes is I would like to be at peace and feel and be in a sane mind and have a more spiritual life and in order to get there I have to look at the obstacles that block me from getting there..and right now it's me and the relationships I have in my life, with my understanding of a bigger presence in my life, with my relationship I have with myself, You know learning to be my own best friend, and the relationship I have with my husband, young adults in my home, my parents and friends, students and so's a big job to be on you toes all the time and trying to be perfect with everyone...Totally impossible to do...bound to make mistakes, mess-ups, and even relationships that are best walked away from.  Having respect for them but knowing my boundaries with it all. And it's not a walking away of hate or dislike as it's a walking away because it just doesn't work and you respect that and accept it... as a friend of mine says you "Stand down or stop"  Some my say how can you do that in a relationship just give up...well it's comes a time when you have to ask yourself...if you love then you have to let it be...

Then there's the relationships you have as a human being to all other things in your's about connections how we connect to them. 

Well if you reading this you probably asking yourself what the heck is she talking about and why am I even reading this... another good question? 

It's been a Year that has flown by and when December comes my mind is on gathering papers for tax time...crazy as it sounds but I was one that got them done early so my young adults could get federal ad for college and best be on that one...funds are tight all over the place.  But I'm trying to do some digging deep and reflections time too...Should I save it for January?  possibly but I'm usually doing taxes than. 

Well I don't know if a word will be entering in on my year to come or if I'll leave it be...but spiritual health seems to be speaking to me lately...the need to connection to that relationship on my life keeps making itself present...we all need to turn to something at times and what is that we turn to?  our spouses, sisters, friends, other family members or do we turn to something bigger? 

I know this is all a bunch of whoo..wee but this is the stuff that lays in me while I create. So bringing it to the surface and creating with questions and receiving answers while at this most vulnerable state is why I think I keep doing "it"...(it, meaning making art.)   


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