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Friday, December 28, 2012

Step by Step Plan.....

That's right time to get the pen and paper out and set up a plan.... Easier said then done.
But I found that even if I don't do or accomplish all that I've sent out to do or intend to do that's OK..I'm working towards something and that's always good..You know a purpose..from down to just cleaning a closet it always makes you feel go. 

I was thinking of my Calming Jar and Glass jars are going to be in my life more I feel with the curious need to learn about Canning.. and with that I was thinking of converting some way to use less plastic storage container too which will be a tough one but something to move into and change...so much plastic and some much cancer all around makes me wonder.  So I've heard of a God box or a God Jar and I think I'm going to do that too this year. Keep it positive in some way..some I've seen as an accomplishment jar. As you complete a task you put a piece of paper in the jar and at the end of the year you can visually see all that you accomplished.   Let see where do I need the most help in and on a positive note?  And then the question is what can I really keep up with this year. And what do I really want to..

Last years Game Plan

Game plan….

April solo exhibit-Indian Prairie Art League

10 piece for Flying Pig,

5piece for J2 gallery

May workshop in Wisc -Dillman’s

25 piece for Union Street Gallery Exhibit

October solo exhibit-Lagrange art league

One of a Kind show


I’m looking at possible 50 new pieces of work…throughout the year.

I know I made over 50 new piece of work with the tack down Tuesdays and the bigger one on canvas so that's an accomplishment.  I did all that was on the list but the One of Kind Show.. I backed out of that because it was to expense for the amount a work that I would put in and not get back. 

The ideas are circling around in my head and I think by this weekend I'll have a good idea of what I would like to do and it may not all be about art this time..

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