Saturday, December 08, 2012

Stained Glass Windows-Mayslake Holiday Marke and Art Fair

The flow of people came in, amazing the work that is there, some thing everyone one. The artist's are in the Church area which is awesome to be the Stained Glass window's are all around us and the circle one caught my a Mandela  and the concrete or is it marble..can't tell it's up way to high. I was able to capture a picture of it though. 

It is the first year the Artist are added to this Holiday Market through the AFA-Alliance of Fine Art so we are hoping for a good turn out so that this can be an annual event of One of Kind here in the Suburbs of Oak Brook IL.  The Mayslake Peabody Estate has rich history for the area that one could come and learn all about too. My events are held here from Weddings to Concerts, out door plays and even Art Classes...April I'll be teaching a Collage Basics Class..Kind of excited about that.  I love looking out the huge window in the Big dinner room area where the classes are held..Woods Water and Wildlife all around..Heck the last class we witness a coyote running by..We all got up and stared out the window...there around but usually seen at night or this was a treat..well I'm rambling on...I think I'm bring my supplies today and see I can come up with a Christmas card design...I might be inspired by the stained glass window here too.

Hope to see you there today..

I wanted to add this to my blog today because I was watching the flow of customers coming and out and I think people in our suburbs are afraid of art...or it could be I read this article by Alyson Stanfield and found it very interesting.. Empowering Art Viewers   We have to teach people how to look at art..


  1. Love that window Laura! My guess is it is some form of stone; was thinking back to the church I went to as a kid and the stained glass was all framed in carved stone.
    I agree in that people don't know how to react to original art~~have seen it many times and it's sad. Years ago there did not seem to be this big gap between artist and potential buyer.
    Will go read the article you have a link too as this perplexes me. How do we educate a populace on the benefit of original art?
    Hope the show goes super well!


  2. Beautiful window and yes, I think it will inspire a Christmas card! And, haven't read that, so thanks for the reminder with the link. Hope it's a good day!


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