Sunday, December 09, 2012

Quiet Gray morning.....

The house is still quiet it's about 7:30 and the husband and I are up doing our computer time and reading our emails. A peaceful time of day...I've got my list here by my side of "to Do's for the day. I need to make two pans of fudge..and the banana's are looking oh so great for some bread.  But this is the morning that I get to not rush off and do something right away because the job of many calls for it.  I get to float around on the Internet and catch up with emails and respond back to some job opportunities too.
While floating around..and I do mean floating..before you know it I'm off on a topic that has nothing to do with what I was looking into. Surfing or floating yes, I was doing both.
This morning I came upon an article from the Chicago Artist Resource which is a must have for your side bar or favorites on the Internet if you live in Chicago and what to know what's happening. If you have time take a peek.

I seem to function on a bit of this and bit of that and Oh' over there some it a creative mind or just who I am but I feel that's why even though I drive myself crazy sometime I fall easily into the line of creativeness and finding my niche in it...or some call it streams of Income. And the article I posted awhile back from the DEC/JAN issue in Professional Artist Magazine.. Which comes together and shares how Mostly woman have this gift to juggle many things and how those many things feed our creative souls and comes out through our acts of creativeness.. We need to be stimulated by the mundane task as much as the serious ones and when we have moment to be creative it fuels us.

I use to fight against this...but now I see that I need to accept it as so and seek ways to manage it. As we are told all though our lives...we have to learn to say no to some thing so we can take care of our managing it all is a gift and something to strive for which sometimes it means to back off from one area to grow in another.   As teaching I love it and feed off it but if it's filling my day to much it actually can strip me of my own time so learning when to much in one area is.  So that I don't got into a wasteland...Some how I've managed to keep the creative block's a bay but they happen to the best of us so the skill of knowing thy self works in all areas...a life long journey of learning and I hope I can continue to be a student of life and a creative one at that.

Off to float some more and be creative in the kitchen before the other young adult woman move in on me... Yikes then we have some cooking and backing not really but it can get a bit tense.

An added note..the Mayslake Peabody Estate Art Fair with the AFA will be a big thing soon for the first year there was a nice flow happening the second day and some awesome visits by friends, and students of mine...what a gift it was to see them again..

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  1. Love those mornings to just sit and look and reflect...


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