Sunday, December 02, 2012

Progress on #11

 With these larger pieces, I truly am experimenting with the composition and this is one I don't do..the Central localed layout.. Having boundaries....don't like that and pulling from this color palette I've this point with how far I've come with it I can't add another will look like a sour thumb.... what do you do?  This morning will doing my journal writing I was given the insight to pull from the small ringlet shapes I have en bedded in the stained tissue paper as another element to spark some interest and size may be the choice too. large or smaller not sure yet..Can't rush inspiration got to let it come when does. Right ? 

Some close ups,  I stitched with the sewing machine first before I tacked the papers down..then I've allow the kid out and she's done some awesome scribbling mighty proud of her...(the kid is-Me)  Hard to make the scribbles when you have a inner critic is saying do it what is perfect about a scribble I ask?  Nothing the more you let it rip the better it is. 

So off to see what the day brings got a Midwest Collage Society Meeting's are Christmas party meeting always good to chatter ourselves silly with. Ideas will be bouncing off the wall.

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