Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Number 11

I've finished Number 11 and I have a title for it...."Relationships"  when I get this photograph, which I plan on dropping of it off today I will post a better photo of it.. Lighting is not good outside or in the studio of a nice image..but there's stuff going on the surface of this piece and underneath much like our own relationships with people..areas were you can see the love and other area where you can see friction.  but it's life all our relationships we go through and hang on to. Being it was my word this year I was thinking of that the most when I was creating this piece but with the holiday's it was hard to pin point all the thoughts and feelings.. so fitting I feel.

Well the rest of the week it's time to visit with some friends that I've not been able to see in a while and then the New Year..

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