Thursday, December 06, 2012

Late day post

Yesterday My oldest daughter and I headed in to the city to see A Christmas Carol.  It was wonderful to see a play like this.. the last one was with my other daughter to see Rent. When it was done we when to Pert for lunch. 

I've been sneaking in some time in the studio to work on #11. And I'm glad I'm taking this one's again a different composition layout so I'm cautious on how I'm using it and trying to stay true to it also. After I feel more familiar with it I'm won't take as long..and who knows maybe I won't go back to the layout either..

 The color is skewed I know..not be deal now as I'm in the process, I'm pulling from some shapes I used in other pieces  like these spinning tops..not sure if that's what there to be..I don't think so.

Before I tacked this down I sewed the piece together and then did a glazing of the Payne Gray blue so the stitches will look like the other ones.

I posted late because I had to pack up my display and art this morning and set it up at the Mayslake Peabody Estate...should be a nice little show of fine art and a Holiday Market.. we so badly need more of this kind of events out here in our we need the local people to come out and see it there.  Well I'm set up and ready I'll be there tomorrow from 11 - 7 I believe.

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