Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fear and the morning thoughts

So despite the Holiday time upon my family I seem to be grasping at my books and reading. This morning  a question was offered.  What Inspires You?  Right now the idea of chickens and a coop and gathering glass jars for canning.  But also being the classroom setting teaching a new class...I get all vamped up and excited.  What would I like to learn is another question asked well the two many things I just listed about...I would really like to learn to focus on a few to one subject at a the Husband says this morning I'm free spirit kind of gal.  Which is the truth to some respects...I hate to be in a locked in situation so I'm always aware of that before I go into..I'm always looking for the exit sign on projects or events. Terrible, not sure just being honest with myself.

Rambling with my thoughts...I move to the intuition part.. which leads to some Fear stuff.

Again from my morning readings I find tidbits to savor through out my day. Here's some, One of the greatest blocks to creativity is Fear...not kidding.  Fear of Failure keeps you from enjoying an experimental mindset where failure is expected and welcomed as new information. Fear of being wrong or criticized also clips your creative wings.  That's the truth..been there and still in some areas. Almost everyone can remember trying something fresh and new an being chided and teased about it.

While most people are educated in a school system that advocates one right answer, today's workplace requires you to evoke new answers. The beauty of the entrepreneurial mindset is that it allows you to innovate and make up you own solutions. Fear of "getting the wrong answer"  halts you flow of unique ideas.

Fear is a component of risk and risking is essential to this statement...
You will never be free of fear, but you can minimize it and strategize around it. Ain't that the truth..something will always come up and present it self to us and we may have some fear about it.. Just don't let fear keep you from your true self. Whenever you accomplish something, you become vulnerable to criticism. Are you living your life for them or for yourself? You need to find antidotes for you fear. Figure out what solutions will most help your fear stay in the background, and use them.  Support might be a nurturing environment. Where do you do you best thinking?  Where does your inner self feel most daring and alive?
Rambling and probably way to long for other to read...does it matter in the big picture of life I venture forward today and see what it holds for me.


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