Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busting a move...and loving it..

After my walk in the woods the energy was high yesterday so I went to the studio and started folding some paper to make a journal for a present to our Niece for the evening I stitch it together while watching TV...I should get more of these ready to go in the evening. Might be a good idea..$. 

I had a good hardy lunch of veggie soup with some black beans and settled into a new book..well probably been out there for awhile  but when I googled Creative Woman it was the first on the list...The other day I went to the Frugal Muse in Darien, while there I had spotted just the book that came up on my google search...coincidence or what...The book is Gail McMeekin's The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Woman, a portable life coach for creative women.   Call me crazy or just going with the flow.  I went back to the book store a second time, you see the first time I didn't buy the two on the shelf...I just walked by.  My brain was saying this could be a good read for a book group or on line blog group...No I've got one of those and it seems that the group is done with working through creative blocks and stuff with the Julia Cameron books, so I walked away...but later on I wasted the gas and entered into the crazy traffic down 75th street and picked up both of them.. Happy I did.

After hearing the husband the other day who go and be crazy in your creating and don't let anything matter...I was in shook to hear him say that.  So why I bring this up is I'm always questioning what am I really doing..there is no guarantee for sure in this business or for sure in life either...

So enough with silly thinking I began reading with my soup for lunch yesterday and I'm happy I did.
Though some say take a break I was sucked into the books and got an underline idea or a sneak preview of a direction I'm to I unusually follow the flow on it hasn't steered me wrong.

I've read her other book The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: a Portable mentor, which she says this is a spring board for the one above..something about the 12.. The first part of the book that spoke to me was this..

Part of the creative process is to craft the life and business that we want (nothing I've not heard before)... something I personal have to face, I create my art with passion and then I have to give it away or sell it and that becomes the business so I'll personal be looking into that this new year and set some goals for that.

This book is a ticket to becoming the highly creative and successful woman you long to be. But first, you have to do some healing work, learn new professional development and lifestyle strategies, and empower yourself as an entrepreneur or as a key contributor to an ethical, quality organization where you enjoy working.  (Plus as I reread this to check spell check I also would like to get some chickens and do some canning or put up good foods...sound crazy?  Yes i would say so but do have a drive is what it's about a sense of purpose.}

As I write this out the husband comes in the kitchen, you see I sit at the kitchen table in the morning with my lap top and he got to figure out how to get all your work on that's a shock to hear...not that he didn't see my potential before but he knows and so do I this is what I'm to be doing.. and he wants to help..and that's great..he also said he wanted to do some kinetic kind of art work for the yard.. now that would be cool, he knows how to weld...

So Gail shares about the magic of 12.."12 secrets, is a number of whole and perfect harmonious unit. 12 months, 12 signs on the zodiac, 12 inches in a foot, 12 face cards in a deck, 12 basic hues on the color wheel and of course 12 steps in the recovery programs that are very powerful and teach a complete outline of what works..

Heartfelt personal success... Yet fulfillment in life means knowing what we want while appreciating what we already have and having the self-worth to think independently and create a life that's original. Webster defines success as "a favorable or satisfactory outcome or result." Gail adds, " heartfelt and personal so that you can visualize results that express your true self." 

and then she shares- The best time management strategy in the world is letting go of fantasies and working within your own desired paradigm. Successful people focus on the outcomes that resonate for them- creating viable businesses that service their customers and clients - and so they can revel in the Joys of that heartfelt, personal set of goals.

With reading this book and hearing information coming in on all side about "how to do it books and get out there. "Like the one I'm reading now... but is there a difference with business one from heart instead of the throat?  if I'm to continue to keep creating I have to face the facts...I do enjoy making art work, and then I  think of it being on someones wall and giving them enjoyment like it did me while I was creating.  Sounds wild I know or some may say egotistical but I'm just not going to listen to that thinking...been doing to much of that lately..I'm going to choose to look at it as my service my purpose and with that I will need to do some heavy schooling on making it more possible.. so when I talked up above about getting an idea or a sneak peek of what direction I'm to be going in this mostly came prior to finding this book but I'm off and running but not so much away as to running along side the joy of life and of course stumbling now and then but really I'm so blessed to be able to do what I do and I'm so thankful too.

Which leads to Falling in love with your work Falling in love with our work, over and over again, fulfills us like a great marriage.  Our work is a potent relationship, and love is an essential lubricant. Expressing love through our creative work is a peak experience of life.

Gail challenges her readers with this...Spend some time this month "remembering" what captivates you about your work and renew your vows...

OK I'm on a new energy creative inspiring high and I hope it hangs around for a feels good to be thinking this way and caring around a new sense of love for my own work and the whole creative process. I've always felt this way but been covering it over with a ratty blanket..time to replace it with some new sensations.

Emergent-36 x 36 collage on canvas print is 24 x 24. The orginal sold this past September at my Outdoor Studio a wonderful new Owner.

Received a check in the mail yesterday...sold a print at J2 Gallery...Whahooo!! and started on my second mask for Du Page Discovery Children Museum.  got to bust a move on that...seem that's always what I'm doing...isn't it..bust'in a move some where...loving it all the way. I believe it's called Living the Dream and it's explains my goofy squirreliness...happens when I'm about to venture new directions of now I went yesterday to a different forest persevere then I'm use to but I'm going back to my old comfortable place today..I hope to hit each one in Du Page Count and explore them this coming year. 

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