Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Art has a way of finding it's Owner

8 x 10 collage on watercolor paper, stained tissue paper, painted drawing paper, citra solv paper, book pages, and engineer plans with acrylic glazing and shadowing, wax crayon pastels, and a final coat of UV satin varnish. matted in a smooth flat black frame.

I had a "Meet the Artist" at Caribou Coffee last night and a handful of friends and family came.  I was taking a risk on all the event planning as to know if it was going to be a great success or not. How can one tell with this sort of thing.  So I went forward and planned to have some banana bread and fudge and then my daughter made cookies which was a wonderful addition to go with coffee or tea.  As I was going through my list in the morning and then walking on this all the idea came to have a Raffle.  I was to pick a piece of art and frame it up and raffle it off, heck I have a big roll of tickets so I proceeded to put this all in action.  I have to admit that self doubt raises it ugly head at times like this and words start swarming around...What I keep correction was my thinking about I have this opportunity to put it out there might as well get prepare for the best.  I had a small bin with unframed work, two big print of the larger piece I had on the walls there and I made up signage for the Raffled piece about and brought simple white table cloth and red napkins for the sweets. 

Sat there for a while by myself watching the small crowd in there and then I got the guts up to walk around and announce who I was,  "Hi I'm the artist exhibiting her work tonight and I'm having a small reception and also a raffle to win a piece of artwork and the proceeds will go to the West Suburban Community Pantry in Woodridge, would you like to buy a ticket. 1- 5.00 or 3 for 10.00 and you know what I collected 77.00 dollars last night and Tania Blanco walked away with a piece of artwork. 

The artwork was created while the preparation were being made for Hurricane Sandy we about to hit the East Coast.  I seem to need to work on something when I can't save the World so what better thing do then to make art at this time...Tania shared about being in the East Coast at that time with her mother and how it felt so little did she know that this piece was about some how artwork does find it's way to a good owner.  I hope she enjoys it and her mom is save from what I hear and all is well there for her. 

Now to start my Christmas shopping and working on another mask between the Homestead chores and what ever pops up that needs my guided help. 

Got an art tribe meeting tonight and haven't see the girls in while and kind of excited...changes are happening all the time with us artists so it will be good to catch up.

I wanted to share this from blog on line... Healing Powers of Arts  interesting little article yesterday morning...didn't get a chance to post it yesterday but decided to today.

I'm in belief that in this line of Business or Passion as my son says. You have to take risk and the out come is never really known but along the way we find your living your dream...what really is a for sure thing in life?  do we really know? or are we going to be like our elders and take adventures and explore what's over there... sometimes things are just small stepping stones to the next big event.  I have to say, I courageously went forward even though the gut was unsure.

So grateful for the handful of friends and family that showed up..Thank you for your support, many blessing to you all.


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I'm glad it found a good home and that you were able to donate the proceeds to helpful cause. I really appreciate the honesty in your posts - I relate to much of what you write.

  2. thanks Susan, I'm glad the piece found a home too. I'm actually going to Tania home to night for a Art Tribe/networking meeting so it will be nice to see it in her home..don't expect her to hang it just yet but glad it's here.

  3. What a nice thing to do! ...and lucky Tania!


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