Sunday, December 16, 2012

A bit of old and new in blue

I think blue has always been my favorite color and on some day's it's sky blue and others indigo blue or demin so when ask what color...this girl will choose it most every time.  
I was gifted with to items in the last few days and one of them is very old, 1960 those blue print plans are and the blue steel plate is just yesterday that I received it...bought a whole new set at Ikea and silverware too.  The husband said lets do it...have to admit I had dishes from all places and hope that some day I could have a full set..and then some.  I looked on line and didn't see anything that grabbed me. Plan I know but theres' a lot a of action on my kitchen so having calm plates is a good thing.

Got up really early and went to the woods, was a bit of mist but nothing to bad under the trees, got some really soft and curlier hair out of the deal though.  Saw 7 deer out there, all doe's or young bucks not older ones, must be laying down and not visible.  I know the other day I spotted three buck.  It was a great walk...had a nice pace going. Then homeward to the market and on to some cooking of Pizza sandwiches on little rye breads, chicken soup, mini turkey meat loaves and some roasted beet since the oven was going I figured I cook them up some what. 

then head to the studio for much needed play time...feels good to be there.  Holiday is wonderful but it distracts from what I was doing so to get back in to it takes all that I have..

My rock said to "Play" and that I did...

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