Friday, November 23, 2012

Yesterday Monrning and this morning

Had myself a nice pace going as I was walking the path and then I look up and there head of me is this young doe, she quickly heads in to the tall grasses.  I stopped and able to catch her in action heading. 
I turned and at my right side was another young doe..I believe these are the twins I seen this spring.  So closes and trusting. I took my walk early before I had to start the kitchen detail back at home. It was very refreshing. 

Our Thanksgiving went like clock work, we had 26 not 30 people come and it all went so that when that happens.  It was so great that the husband was able to take a quick motorcycle ride before the quest started to come. Though I had moments standing in my kitchen turning around ready to do the next things only to stop and forget what I was doing...then I had to go through in my head all the food and what it was doing as of going in the oven or coming out.  This maybe the last big Thanksgiving we have with all the family as it's getting harder and harder for my parents to come down. My Dad gets all nervous and likes his same old same old home instead of always having to got to someone house...Can't blame him...I know was giving the turkey platter when the moved up there 10 years ago so that was something then I was responsible to do. But times are changing all the time and we best go with the flow and see what happens.

Clean is all taken care of and it's a quick house now, planning on going back to the woods for a late morning walk...colder but I love to be out and experience the have so much more gratitude for you warm home then.. and the fresh air does a body good.

Hope all had a wonderful warm family Thanksgiving.

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