Friday, November 02, 2012

Up in the Studio yesterday

 Terrible image this morning as I ran up stairs to snap a picture I really was worried there would be to much glare(papers are all coated with polymer read for assemblage of a collage) so I held the camera at a werid angle and then you get blurry...but as you can see the big words Gelli  This is really the coolist thing.. A gelli plate to do mono prints off the geletin plates you can make but one better as you can only have those for about two weeks before they start to go bad...this one doesn't...I just order the larger size 12 x 14 and played with it yesterday...I'll be using the papers in my next big collage...going Yellow, cream, brown, and hit orange and some blue with some gray..

This big sheet of yellow paper is one of the 5 others I made...takes a bit of time because there bigger then my drying rack so I've to lay them all over the floor...and our Sophie loves to walk on them so I've got to keep her out of there...then she get polymer on her paws and you know cats they love to clean themselves...she doesn't need to be licking Polymer Medium. She's not to happy when I chase her out...she's my buddy in the studio...she love licking tissue paper will it's nothing and then eating it..crazy cat.

I'm getting a side thorn about the computer stuff lately  everytime I'm turning around there's something that is changing or I have to change it.  My free space on Google's Blogger hit it's limit and now Facebook let me know someone was trying to hack in from Texas to my account...not good...makes me want to unplug..

We depend now more then ever to share information on the computers but we have people that challenge themself by hacking...My gosh people use those smarts for good. 

I have to admit never liked typing when I was young in high school but I took the class, didn't do well but now I'm enjoying it as of hands on keyboard letting the fingers have some fun. Filling the tactle need.

Got a list a mile long today which is odd for a Friday but been working with some other place on possible workshops and thinking about the big clean for the homestead. So that is all started an going in motion.

Went food shopping yesterday and decided to have brats and then get home and no buns...silly me so I decided to walk to the local Dominicks and pick up some...was a great walk  added 2 miles to my exercise log...been keeping that for about 5 years now..

Chatted with a dear friend in N.C. and she's doing well, glad to hear.  I always feel better when I chat with her...she lets me vent and then lets me know it's not that big of a deal, you know the life stuff...Love having elders around that can share their wisdom like that.

Feeling for the people on the East oldest was going to take a road trip there on Monday with a friend that has come in..not a pretty site she says...but there grateful that stocked up on the can goods as it's what helping them get by...she said people would make fun of them for stocking up so much but who would have know it served it purpose... so she' going to stock up on some more and bring that back but my oldest was going to drive back and take the train out of New York head down to Washington DC and then back up to IL. but plans will be changing I'm sure.. I just said to her Honey it's a National Disaster there...she so badly wanted a get away before the holiday's...she's work it out.

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  1. Laura, I got the same message from FB yesterday about a hacker in Texas. I wasn't sure if I even should even believe it. In cyber-land you don't know what's real and what isn't!!! Kinda scary.


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