Sunday, November 18, 2012

Understanding or just not

Trying to make sense of it all...

I've been working with a few art leagues and find that there are many different personalities, including my own..which can be a challenge to work with.  I'll bite on to a bone and not let it go sometimes...which usually boils down to a very immature behavior on my part of always tryign to getting my way.

I've been trying to work with art league on bring in classes and workshop but there are areas that for some reason I butt up heads against some strong idea people...let say.

For about two months now I've worked at getting all my information, contract, registration forms and flyers for a few classes and workshops ready and way before time...but a door keeps slamming in my face and I kindly make contact and again nothing...

All my paper work has been handed in now- it's working with the others at getting up the information on their website...?  which has been given to them back on Oct 23  or there abouts. 

Now being a bone carrier of sort I don't give up easy or let go so I stay on it and make nice emails, and then phone calls checking to see if my information can be back in October I was told that there are many jobs this person does and she's busy...

At this point the gut is saying...honey something up...your following protocol...or what should be done..and nothing. 

When I went in to visit this art league and the holiday show yesterday I was asked when I'm going to get my information up on the website?   (Oh darn it already, I was thinking to myself)...I've been trying to get it up there but I'm starting to feel that I'm not part of the conformity there.

Yes this is a job of mine that I choose to pursue along with a few other streams of income. And along with it I look for area facility that would be a great fit and these facility receive a percentage of my fee I ask for each class and workshop... its just how it goes for a lot of our goods, products and services...everyone get a bit of you its how we make the world go around.  

So just last week I politely call and ask if I'm doing some wrong or what is the protocol to get you description up on the website for others to use be up there and people could see..well I got  a reply- it's on your website isn't it?  and then she said,-oh I thought I put that up there?  yes it is up on my website but it would be great if we are linked up. (Good marketing practice for all)  All I have is Collage Classes with Laura Lein-Svencner with day and date..No other explanation of price etc.  just a blow off...nothing has changed I've been trying to work nicely with this person and she does nothing and half the time she doesn't get back to me with emails...she's busy working...OK well so does 1 million other people work but a kindness can happen and one can get back and let you know the truth with this can they? ..instead of streaming me along...I feel like I'm being this Witch of an art instructor...but when you've been teaching at a place and your student like it and feel comfortable you do what you can to keep it up..I'm the behind the sense on of this...just simply ask the information get on the site...that's all.

So as I hold the bone on it...this is the part that I don't understand...I promote it on my end for every place I'm working at and I try to do it well...the personalities are what's get in the way.  I just don't understand...I'm not taking anything from them...If they volunteered for this job then do it...or back away and let some one else do it if you can't or like I said give me the truth I can take it...instead of the blow off treatment. Oh us crazy human of our worse defects is communications and relationships..we just don't know how to do it many emotions.

Now understanding... I want to keep working I truly love what I do and it is something I can so I'm working with it the best I can...myself doubt of thinking I don't play well with others makes me think I'm have an area to look at...I choose to stay out of the politics of the art leagues and I keep things to business because of that. to many flash backs of all the drama they create.   Heck I'm all for the art league and guild staying open and keeping young and old coming through the doors...but if this kind of behavior keeps up it will turn people away. And without really knowing the reason why this person doesn't want to put myself stuff up there..I'm left with playing CSI with it and following my gut and let me tell you the gut is usually right or it's asking me to be aware...Fear and power are a leading cause of odd ball behavior or like me it's hanging on to a bone and trying to get my way... so I ask that I'm guided to understand this...I truly do want to play well with others but mind my business and not get political with it.. keep it simple. 



  1. Laura, honey, you're dealing with a manipulating jack-ass. Sorry, but I've dealt with these before and there is ALWAYS an excuse to keep you hanging.
    Unfortunately, finding them in an art-related field doesn't surprise me.
    I always feel it's a bit of a jealousy factor. They're doing office work and not art, thus, the artist is under their thumb.
    The question I ask with respect---can you move this class elsewhere?
    Maybe that would make some of the higher ups think about who they have in the job to promote them...


  2. Thanks Anne...I'm set with a good group of people coming in and look forward to instruction them and not spend or waste my is what it is and I will move forward and think twice...before action...I've shared my thoughts on things but they don't listen or the do and chose to make their own way... it's in all jobs these days...I choose to be the rare bird of the deal. Also I was offered this job of schedule classes and such but choose not to take it because I know I have very little time too. So Gut or not gut some thing is just not right and it may be she's so busy that time has slip away...and the gut say be aware and carry the bone and see what comes.. anyways on with prepare the holiday time..and thanksful I've been creating through out my own stuff. I'm rambling now..forgive me..


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